Big Jeff

Private Brand: Big Jeff
Retailer: ACTION
Country: Netherlands
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: Yellow Dress Retail


Erwin Wentink, Private Label Manager, ACTION
Michelle Romeo-Wiegman, Creative Director, Yellow Dress Retail
Janneke Visser, Senior Designer, Yellow Dress Retail
Tamas Paszto, Designer, Yellow Dress Retail
Nancy van der Lubbe, Projectmanager, Yellow Dress Retail


NL retailer Action has the mission to constantly surprise its customers with new interesting products AND with low prices, hence their own products are all fancy brands.

In summer 2019, the BBQ season was unstoppable, and ACTION took part with its new own-brand Big Jeff.

Sauces, seasonings but also aprons and BBQ accessories are launched under Big Jeff.

The logo is the hero depicting a hip illustration of a BBQ-master in combination with culinary typography and qualitative flavor-patterns. Big Jeff comes to live while addressing the consumer directly through body language and a short product description within a speech bubble.

The design is versatile in use for food and non-food and can be even further loaded with BBQ-communication. Think recipes or tips & tricks from BBQ authority Big Jeff.

If you’re looking for culinary BBQ support, Big Jeff is your partner and your buddy.