AH Mexican Food

Private Brand: Albert Heijn
Retailer: Albert Heijn
Country: Nederland
Category: G8. International/Specialty Food
Agency: Millford Brand ID


Jon Sonneveld, Design Director, Millford Brand ID
Sascha Goutier, Account Director, Millford Brand ID
Tobias Reymond, Photographer, Tobias Reymond Photo/Film
Fred van Deelen, Illustrator, arty2


The Mexican products have been on the shelf for 15 years with the same design; a bright yellow block. Very recognizable for the consumer. The products sell very well (Albert Heijn is market leader). The time has come for a redesign, for this design is outdated.
Albert Heijn asked a redesign within the private label segment with a family proposition. The Mexican products need a modernization, a refreshment. NOT a revolution because the consumer recognizes the yellow color block and they must retain this recognition.
The challenge was a new design for this assortment with a colored Mexican appearance. We choose a fresh, modern route with a cheerful, colorful, energetic look and feel. We used Mexican iconic elements. We’ve created an accessible and energetic assortment of 16 products: seasoning mixes, sauces, tortillas, tacos, and nachos.