Prince & Spring Cooking Sprays

Private Brand: Prince & Spring
Retailer: Boxed
Country: United States
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: Boxed


Chris Cheung, Creative Director, Boxed
Ryan Carl, VP Design. Boxed
Brandon Wehmeyer, Senior Product Developer, Boxed
Monica Kim, Package Designer, Boxed
Annslee DeLuca, Brand Manager, Boxed


When designing the new line of Prince & Spring Cooking Sprays we chose a slim vessel with a sleek, matte finish, reminiscent of the product inside. The bottles feature watercolor illustrations using rich greens and bold yellows that softly wrap to each side, elegantly framing the product name.  We chose to keep the background clean white, allowing the dimension and depth of olives and flowers to pop, becoming the focal point of each label. These details are complemented by a smooth, matte finish that elevates the texture of each bottle.