Prince & Spring Nuts & Trail Mixes

Private Brand: Prince & Spring
Retailer: Boxed
Country: United States
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: Boxed


Chris Cheung, Creative Director, Boxed
Ryan Carl, VP Design. Boxed
Brandon Wehmeyer, Senior Product Developer, Boxed
Vera Atamian, Senior Package Designer, Boxed
Annslee DeLuca, Brand Manager, Boxed


Our intention in the redesign of the Prince & Spring Nuts & Trail Mixes was to highlight the fun of the product in a way that would appeal to children and adults alike. We transitioned each item to a printed stand-up pouch that gave us the canvas to magnify each design and call attention to the meticulous food art that is the focal point of the package. When you look closely, you’ll see that the images are made out of the nut and trail mix ingredients themselves followed by a witty tagline that ties the entire concept together. In order to bring the product to life, we selected a bold color palette made up of fiery red, vibrant green, and electric blues. We scattered a tonal pattern of abstract nuts throughout the background of each bag to add a whimsical element of fun and spontaneity, that ties back to the nature of the product.