Red Legend – Hawthorn Snacks

Private Brand: Red Legend
Retailer: ALDI China
Country: China
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: Motor Brand Design


Warren Spence, CEO & Founder, Motor Brand Design
Peter Cooper, Group Creative Director, Motor Brand Design
Ji’An Mao, Account Manager, Motor Brand Design
Lynette Ware, Designer, Motor Brand Design
Kesong Yang, Designer, Motor Brand Design
ALDI China, Brand Manager, ALDI China


Hawthorn is a fruit that Chinese people traditionally eat as a snack. Coated with sugar the snacks have conflicting tastes of sweet and sour. Typically given to children, ALDI China wanted to expand the market targeting a more mature audience, 20-35-year-old females.
The fashion-forward characters mirror the fashion-conscious audience. Each character has subtle differences in their personality, style, and demeanor, the target market sees part of themselves in at least one of the women.

The colors are fun and exciting, giving the sense of a sugar rush. The contrasting colors also reflect the clashing flavors of sweet and sour. Joyful bubbles, chip sunnies, and the gift of hawthorn cubes. The clever imagery used to incorporate the snacks are fun, quirky, and shows the consumer exactly what they are buying.

The pack has a clear target market and captures the magic and child-like fun that we all recognize in sweets.