Jumbo Origin Chocolate

Private Brand: Jumbo
Retailer: Jumbo supermarkten B.V
Country: The Netherlands
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: Guts&Glorious


Heidi Boersma and Vincent Limburg, creative director, Guts&Glorious
Jacqueline Bout, account manager, Guts&Glorious
Iris van den Berg, private label manager, Jumbo supermarkten B.V.
Bas Bakker, manager Private label, Jumbo supermarkten B.V.
Nick van Oostem, illustrator, Nick van Oostem


Jumbo introduced a single-origin chocolate range that will be a premium positioning within the category in private label chocolate. We were asked to design packaging that shows that the chocolate bars are made of a high percentage of cacao from different countries all over the world. We represented Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, and Ghana by lovely handmade illustrations that shows the expedition around the globe to find the best ingredients.